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Gather friends (if applicable) around TV set. Place drinks, alcoholic or not, within easy reach. Watch "Friends", drinking when instructed to do the following rules. In case of confusion over whether or not to drink, always err on the side of drinking. Enjoy a great show!
Take a sip if:

- Phoebe says a "Phoebism"
- Chandler says a "Chandlerism"
- If Ross takes longer to say a sentence than a normal person would
- Rachel calls someone "Honey"
- A celebrity makes an appearence
- Any of the six drinks or mentions a coffee product
- The exterior of Central Perk is shown
- The exterior of Monica/Rachel's and Chandler/Joey's apartment building is shown
- Any of the six are shown at work (2 sips if they're actually doing any work)
- Any of the main character's parents show up
- Any two or more main characters hug (2 sips if it's Ross and Rachel)
- Joey doesn't understand something that should be totally obvious (2 sips if you didn't get it either)
- The hallway between Monica/Rachel's and Chandler/Joey's apartment is shown
- Gunther moans to himself how much he loves/wants Rachel
- Any animal is shown (Smelly Cat, a chick, a duck, etc.)
- Ross and Rachel argue
- Ross and Rachel touch each other

Take a gulp if:

- Phoebe plays a song on her guitar (2 gulps if it makes no sense or has no point)
- The inside of Phoebe's apartment is shown
- The inside of Ross' apartment is shown
- Any of the six drink a bottled beverage
- All six main characters hang out in Monica/Rachel's apartment
- Anyone makes a reference to an old TV show (2 gulps if you used to watch it)
- Joey goes on an audition
- Ross mentions Ben, Carol, or Susan
- Any of the six main characters kiss a non-main character
- One of the six do something obviously out of character (2 gulps if it drives you crazy)
- Mark makes a pass at Rachel
- Ross gets jealous
- Any of the six eat something that isn't considered normal food (fat, leg wax, etc.) (2 gulps if you've eaten it before)
- Phoebe drives her grandma's taxi (2 gulps if the passengers have pillows)
- Phoebe dates a weirdo (2 gulps if you've dated someone just like them)
- Monica does something anal-retentive (2 gulps if you do it too)
- Joey and Chandler get a new piece of furniture (2 gulps if Joey built it)
- Phoebe's brother does or says something weird (2 gulps if you do it too)
- All six main characters play a game (poker, Twister, Happy Days Game, etc.)
- Any main character get mad at another main character (drink everything in sight and lose faith in sit-com television if they don't make up by the end of the show, or in a year if it's Ross and Rachel)

Chug your entire drink if:

- Joey actually understands the opposite sex
- Marcel ever returns
- Phoebe says something sensible
- Monica dates a decent guy (other than Richard)
- Any of the six drink alcohol
- Ben talks or has any facial expression
- Phoebe's dad actually shows up
- Dr. Green is nice to Ross
- Chloe acts even semi-intelligent
- Janice laughs (chug 2 drinks if it makes you wince)
- Chandler drops his sarcastic, cynical facade
- Joey offers good love-life advice to anyone

Drink everything in sight if:

- Pete becomes the Ultimate Fighting Champion
- Chandler stops making smart-ass comments
- Paolo shows up
- Barry shows up
- Ross kills Mark
- Phoebe and Ursula get along
- Ugly Naked Guy is fully shown
- Chandler becomes gay
- Gunther asks Rachel out
- Barry and Mindy reproduce

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