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Start out by putting all 52 cards in a circle face down on the table. Then put the the empty pint glass in the middle.
Each player turns over a card in turn... clockwise usually.
Each card has a different meaning... these go like this!
Ace, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of any black suit you have to drink that number of "fingers" of your drink.
Ace, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of any red suit, you give this number of "fingers" to any other player around the table (these can be split up and given to more than one person if you want).
6 is a rule card, the person who does this makes up a rule, anyone breaking this rule has to drink.
7 is the seven game. You count around the table, each person saying the next number. Any number that is a multiple of 7 (eg 14, 21)or has a 7 in it(eg 17, 27) has to clap, the person next to them has to say the next consecutive number, anyone failing to do this has to drink.
8 is the thumbmaster, at any time through the game this person has to put their right thumb somewhere, on the table... on their face... on their knee, anywhere, the last person to do this drinks.
9 is a toilet pass, anyone who doesnt have this card can't go to the toilet until the game is finsihed.
10 is a waterfall, the person who gets this card starts drinking, the person on their left then starts drinking, the person on their left starts drinking until the person who got the 10 decides to stop.
Jack is the Jack Slap, you have to slap yourself on the forehead, the last person to do this drinks.
Queen is Drink to the queen, everyone lifts their glass and toasts the queen and takes a drink.
King, when someone gets this everyone has to pour some of their drink into the pint glass in the middle, no matter what drink you have, the person to get the last king has to down the glass...

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